From end of old century to new millennium, from Tuo gang Wood to Port Star Rigging, we have rich history. In changing market and economy environment, we are developing constantly; while what doesn’t change is that we are always devoted to providing professional product and service for maritime industry.

In more than years’ development, PSR has always succeeded through unity and synergy: Every part working together for the good of the whole – our management, society and environment; seamless links between every individual, every division, every client and every partner; shared values and ethics across all of our companies.

We have built a strong reputation in the region, enjoying long-standing relationships with some of the biggest and shipping lines. Now, PSR is ready for the next challenge with ambition and confidence.

We wish to thank our clients for entrusting their business with us over the years, and wish to assure them of our constant endeavour to meet in full their expectations.